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iPhone Developer needed at Optimal Technology Solutions

Develop, design and implement mobile applications and products on iPhone for Optimal Technology Solutions.
| 11.04.2012

To apply for this job, please visit:

Job Description:
Developing, designing and implementing mobile applications / products on iPhone.
Develop applications in most optimal & cost effective manner.
Analyze requirements and change requests to develop functionalities accordingly.
Perform maintenance programming for existing applications.
Maintain and modify existing applications under direction from the technical team leader.
Participate in writing software specification documents with the coordination with his/her team leader.
Participate in creating screens/mock-ups based on existing template.
Code applications following specifications using the appropriate tools.
Implement Development Tasks:
1. Cost (estimate) development tasks
2. Write code for development tasks
3. Perform code analysis
4. Perform unit testing
5. Refactor / optimize code
6. Review code
7. Integrate code changes
8. Peer-To-Peer code reviews
9. Write comments in the coded instructions so others can understand the program
Fix software bugs
Troubleshoot and debug software to determine causes of errors and deciding what to do about it.
Conduct researches & do proof of concepts.
Performs software releases on staging and production environments.
Participate in database design.
Participate in software design (architecture).
Might produce rapid prototypes for a given Application.
Contribute to the company’s Knowledgebase.
Attend skills development programs
Share all types of knowledge with different team members.

Strong background in Objective-C or C or C++ or Java or .Net.
Perfect knowledge in object oriented.
Good knowledge in design pattern.
Critical Thinking & Strong Problem Solving
Good Arabic & English Communication Skills
Good interpersonal skills
Excellent Research Skills.
Ability to work independently or as part of a team.
Ability to work with a minimum of technical supervision.
Ability to analyze information and make appropriate recommendations.
Ability to adapt and change based on new business requirements and environment.
Ability to understand the given task verbally or written.

Education: Bachelor's degree in any related discipline