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Web Designer needed for Linkonline

Build websites using technologies that conform to international standards for Linkonline.
Linkonline | Cairo | 04.03.2012

Please directly contact the company for this vacancy. Contact information can be found here:

Job Description:
* Creating design prototypes, including graphic design, site navigation, and layout of content for the websites.
* Building websites using technologies that conform to international
standards and make sure that they are universally accessible. * Development of new web applications / websites based on .net framework technology
* Maintenance of existing applications / websites
* Following company code standards
* Writing web pages in a combination of codes, such as HTML and
XHTML, CSS, Action-script, Flash, or using code-generating programs,
such as Dreamweaver
* Deciding on how images and other material will be digitally optimized and presented for the web
* Following and adhering to web/brand guidelines
* Perform website maintenance, bug fixing & updates
* Testing the site for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions;

Job Qualifications:
* 2 + years work experience;
* Expertise in XHTML, CSS
* Expertise in Photoshop, Macromedia Flash,
* Knowledge and demonstrated experience with cross-browser and cross-platform issues (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.);
* Arabic, English languages is must
* Strong portfolio featuring web and pure CSS layouts