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Marketing Manager for Tabibi247

Plan and execute the company’s marketing strategy, branding and communications for Tabibi247.
Tabibi247 | Cairo | 01.03.2012

Please directly contact the company for this vacancy. Contact information can be found here:

Available e-mail-address:

The Marketing Manager is responsible for planning and executing the company’s marketing strategy, branding and communications, and the definition/management of the customer experience.

The ultimate objective of the Marketing Manager is the build up of a satisfied and loyal client base for the company:
- Establish the quarterly marketing plan in coordination with management. Ensure that it gets executed
- Develop and manage the Tabibi 24/7 service offering, including pricing, based on sound customer insights
- Develop and manage all branding of Tabibi 24/7, including advertising, doctor appearance, etc.
- Develop and manage the Tabibi 24/7 customer experience, including phone, online, offline contacts
- Support in the development of the company’s internal processes, including the online patient tool
- Support the team with day-to-day activities as required. Every team member at Tabibi 24/7 needs to be ready to support with all possible tasks

Job Qualifications:
- Independent worker, effective communicator, driven, working with the end in mind, ability to manage/prioritize large work loads
- Good team player, wanting to have fun at the workplace, working hard, but also striving to live a full and well-balanced life
- Able to adapt communication style to diverse people/groups, fluent English (spoken and written). Arabic a plus
- Creativity, resourcefulness and an eye for beauty
- Always trying to improve efficiency and quality of company service offering
- Genuinely interested in building a great company
- Comfortable with use of technology (software, hardware) and keen on utilizing it in day-to-day work