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North East Africa Frontline Capability Manager for PepsiCo

Facilitate assessment/redesign workshops and coordinate / support / enable the execution of the recommendations for PepsiCo International.

Please directly contact the company for this vacancy. Contact information can be found here:

Job Description:
1- Train the line organizations in ops and commercial to use the Galbraith model for assessing and redesigning the organization.
2- Facilitate assessment/redesign workshops and coordinate/support/enable the execution of the recommendations. Recommendation will cover structure, work processes, R&R, information flow, decision making systems, and people capabilities.
3- Build on the Total Productive Management methods and on the work of the existing capability organizations, to start an “education and training team” that develops, reapplies, benchmark, pilot test the best practices for training and education of front line population. This team will ensure synergies across MUs with regard to existing training practices as well as the development of skill matrices and job profiles …
4- Develop and facilitate the execution of a training calendar for front line focusing on general skills.
5- Lead the reapplication of PMP and talent programs to the front line organization.
6- Provide Total Production Management consultancy services to the FHRs and leaders of front line organizations.
7- Create a bench marking and seek/reapply mechanisms across the four major Front Line organizations.

- Min 6 years experience in line roles in Ops or commercial or both is a plus
- Significant experience in capability development roles or line roles focusing on Total Productive Management and Total Quality Management applications is a plus.
- Generalist or specialist experience in HR is a must in areas of organization development, Organisation design, training, employee communication.
- Experience in using Galbraith model is a big plus.
- Ability to assess the needs of the customers, develop pragmatic low cost solutions to address the diverse type of needs, align the diverse customers on solutions master plan.
- The role needs extremely strong skills in the "setting the agenda" leadership imperative (Decision making, Innovating, Driving for results) as well as in the key dimensions of collaborating and influencing and inspiring trust.
- Intouch with trends and with the practices of people competitors in the market place
- Average English skills and outstanding Arabic skills including designing and delivering presentations in both languages