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IT Manager For N2V Development House Egypt

National Net Ventures (N2V) is an internet holding company whose core business is to develop online and interactive web-based ventures.
N2V Development House | Cairo | 02.02.2012

1. Maintain and improve our internal network & IT infrastructure.

2. Maintain our internal GNU/Linux, LAMP and J2EE deployments.

3. Maintain hardware (PCs, network equipment, video conferencing, etc) and software (internal corporate systems, personal software per PC software, licenses, etc).

4. Build and manage the internal IT infrastructure team.

5. Monitor services, evaluate performance.

6. Work closely with development teams and stakeholders to make sure their needs are fulfilled and explore new areas for improvements.

7. Continuously work on improving the tools, techniques and practices that have anything to do with running the perfect setup. You are continuously looking for optimizing our infrastructure.

8. Advise teams and individuals on GNU/Linux related matters, as an expert in the subject.

9. The IT team will be responsible for supporting users of Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux inside the organization, you will be responsible for the GNU/Linux part.

10. Maintain backups and prepare recovery plans in case of failure to any of the administered services.

Job Qualifications

• CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) or equivalent.

• Excellent working knowledge of networking concepts.

• Familiarity and experience in managing Cisco-based networks.

• Good knowledge and understanding of GNU/Linux and one stack, either LAMP or J2EE. At least 2 years of experience in managing GNU/Linux servers.

• Good understanding of Microsoft Windows in corporate environments is a plus.

• Ability to automate tasks in a clean fashion. This typically translates to very good knowledge of a shell scripting language such as bash, or a programming language such as Python or Perl, and to be always on the lookout for the latest innovations in that area.

• Ability to code in any programming language is a plus (Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C, etc)• Analytical mind, high troubleshooting skills.

• Ability to systematically explain your opinions and views to different teams and individuals, you should be happy to move around and pitch in where needed to get the job.