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Analytical Technologist Needed for Dow Chemical Egypt

Dow (NYSE: Dow) combines the power of science and technology with the “Human Element” to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress.
Dow Chemical Egypt | Cairo | 15.12.2011

Focusing within a single business or across multiple businesses this role will: Perform non-routine and complex analyses. Be responsible for analytical systems and Operating Discipline / Quality System. Evaluate and apply new / improved analytical systems.

Provide analytical data to produce and release products and enable process and/or product optimization and problem prevention, ensure analytical systems are performing optimally, and evaluate and apply Most Effective Technology

Job Responsibilities:

- Follow EH&S and Operating Discipline/Quality System procedures and practices.

- Ensure service requests are value adding and aligned with the business, unit and team goals.

- Develop response plans for and schedule non-routine analytical requests.

- Route analytical requests to the appropriate workgroup or service provider.

- Collect samples that involve complex procedures. Perform non-routine and complex routine analyses.

- Using relevant tools, evaluate validity of data, apply statistics, interpret results and take appropriate action.

- Adapt laboratory I/T and data handling systems to the needs of the unit and perform first-line troubleshooting.

- Perform complex calibration and maintenance of analytical systems.

- Perform in-depth troubleshooting of analytical systems.

- Document, communicate and archive results.

- Help troubleshoot plant and customer problems.

- Network with other technical people to share technology and to leverage problem solving and prevention expertise.

- Evaluate and implement new/improved analytical systems.

- Train peers in use of analytical systems and EH&S and OD/QS procedures.

Contribute to value creation by continuous improvement of EH&S and OD/AS procedures, the analytical work processes and related tools and performance metrics.


- Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry.

- Excellent Proficiency on Microsoft Office Products.

- Ability to operate independently and to take the initiative in accomplishing job responsibilities.

- Good project management skills.

- Good communication skills with ability to interface well with wide variety of people.

- Positive attitude, with an open-minded approach to learning.

- Proactive approach in planning for various needs and requirements of work group - including an awareness of the responsibilities of group members.