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Administration Coordinator – Night Shift

Raya Holding Technology & Telecommunications,is Egypt’s largest national player in the communications & IT industry.
Raya CX | El Abbasya,Cairo | 27.10.2011

- Supervises & Follows – up on the facilities, cleaning and maintenance teams of the building starting 7 pm until 7 am the next day & reports any deviations to the Administration supervisor.

- Ensures that the building is secured (main gates, offices, coffee stations, business centers, etc).

- Ensure that all ACs and lights are off.

- Supervises the attendance of all employees working for the night shifts (security, office boys, housekeeping, etc).

- Ensures that the employees working after the working hours are provided with their requirements (coffee stations, printing rooms and maintenance if needed).

- Monitor the Non-Raya companies working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

- Puts the building under surveillance to check over the maintenance and to ensure the work flow is working properly and the implementation of the guidelines.

Job Qualifications

- Administrative Skills.

- Communication Skills.

- Negotiation Skills.

- Ability to solve on the spot problems.

- Educational background needed for the job: Two years diploma.