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Moatasem Mahmoud
Link Group
11211 Cairo
Business Management & Development | Operations|Quality Assurance & Control| Learning & Development| Occupational Safety| Aviation Security.

Michael Wurche
12411 Agouza-Cairo
Retired MD West Africa of Lufthansa, now security, management and tourism manager, trainer and coach

Marc Sidhom
I have 10 years of project management experience, organizational , IT, process re-engineering, products, business continuity & branches construction.

Batoul Heda
Smart Move For Management Services
Management consultant, HR consultant

Rawan Ali
Development Assistance Road-map Portal in Egypt and the Middle East

mohamed ahmed
solar company

Marketing Manager
Conduct Air Conditioning

Gold Bridge Treatment Center
Gold Bridge Treatment Center

mms mailservers

Hassan Khattab
Writeliff for Translation Services

Lina Alex
Contact 1-800431457 Linksys Router Customer Support Australia

printer support
Printer Customer Support 1-855-617-9111

zenith rollers P Ltd.

praneeth TBRC
The Business Research company

Ahmed Aboudy
Service company oil field

Child Care Courses Perth WA
Child Care Courses Perth WA

Albert Aziz
Aziz & Co

Pamela Barneto

All Terrain Services
All Terrain Services

Clive Cooper
Inkwood Research

Eric Lee
Reports and Data