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Moatasem Mahmoud
Link Group
11211 Cairo
Business Management & Development | Operations|Quality Assurance & Control| Learning & Development| Occupational Safety| Aviation Security.

Marc Sidhom
I have 10 years of project management experience, organizational , IT, process re-engineering, products, business continuity & branches construction.

Batoul Heda
Smart Move For Management Services
Management consultant, HR consultant

Osama Abdelhamid
Golden4x Egypt Systems

Mohamed Jaafar
QENZ Pvt. Ltd

Nancy Wilks
Hp Support Canada

Expo Do

Archit Ajmera
Qurate Business Intelligence Private Limited

Bob Enochs
Wortman Central Air

Mark Rose
Stanwell & Staines Locksmiths

Raj Chaudhary
Western Market Research

Charles Fuery
Norton Antivirus Customer Support

alina walker
11211 New York
We offer statistical surveying reports acquired from major publishing houses from different industry verticals, which completes the market outline as

Steve blade
Goldstein Research

Shokty Tamim
Triangle oil field services

Pamela Barneto

Mahesh Salunke