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23.05.2022 - 24.05.2022 | Cairo | Conference

Addressing infrastructure project opportunities in Egypt

It was not possible for Egypt to turn into highly intensive and diversified irrigated agriculture, without effective drainage to control waterlogging and salinity. It took Egypt a century to reach this level of drainage development. It is the outcome of a combination of political commitment, institutional development, technological improvement, and management capacity. The effort was sustained over many decades not only to construct new projects but to keep the installed system well performing through research, regular maintenance, and when necessary, replacement and modernization.

A total of $150 Billion worth of Iconic Real Estate Projects, $30 Billion of New Infrastructure Projects are under Development or Under Design phase to deliver the Egypt National Vision 2030. After an effective Drainage System, the Egyptian Government is focusing on Implementing a sustainable and affordable Landscape around all major projects with Ecofriendly Outdoor Lighting, Sustainable Irrigation System for all plants, and innovative Soft and Hard Landscaping.

All the projects in the pipeline require a sustainable and strong infrastructure network that gives a strong base to the future of the country. Drainage, Irrigation, Wastewater, Landscaping are all important factors that affect the success of all the projects in the pipeline.