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28.10.2018 - 28.10.2018 | Cairo | Conference

The third edition for the Egyptian communications industry

In 2018, October 28th Narrative PR Summit
celebrates its third edition as the official annual gathering under the umbrella of “Egypt’s Soft Power” that brings the country’s best narrators under one roof to participate in branding our nation.

Once again,
Narrative will engrave our stories inspire hope

The Narrative PR Summit is the first conference of its kind to take place in Egypt; a conference created by Egyptians for Egyptians, with real case studies and an in-depth understanding of the market provided by the industries key experts and opinion leaders.

The first in a series of annual conferences for the Egyptian communications industry, the Summit serves as a forum for key trendsetters as well as industry practitioners to discuss the ways forward for the country, businesses and the sector. Unlike past events of its kind, the summit is Egypt centric focusing on what works in the country rather than trying to export case studies from abroad.

We take it as a humbling responsibility upon ourselves to continue the legacy we began in 2016 to make Narrative PR Summit an ongoing milestone in Egypt’s development expedition and gather the experiences and recommendations of all field experts to further businesses and nation as a whole.

Narrative started in 2016 when, CC Plus – the multi-disciplinary corporate communications firm, decided to take a leap and organize an unprecedented Public Relations event for the Egyptian market.