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23.06.2014 - 24.06.2014 | Cairo Alex Desert Rd

The Africa Egypt Business Forum 2014 will take place on the 23rd and 24th of June 2014 at the Village Convention Center (Smart Village).

As Egypt embarks on a new era of economic, social and political rebuilding, expectations for a better future are ever increasing. Economic recovery and sustainable growth are the goals of all Egyptians and the main challenges faced by in the incoming administration. For Egypt to truly flourish, it has to seek growth in Africa.

Africa is the world’s fastest continent, not only in economic growth but also in population growth, with Africa expected to reach over 2.6 billion people by 2050. Yet while the population continues to grow so do the numbers of those in Africa living under the poverty line, living with no access to transport, clean water or sustainable energy sources.

As one of the largest countries and economies in Africa, Egypt must play a more active role in the
development of Africa. Egypt must utilize its key geographic location and proximity to some of the
world’s largest markets to capitalize on the growth of African economies.

“The Africa Egypt Business Forum 2014” will openly discuss the role of Egypt in Africa’s future
economic growth. The Forum will bring together leaders in Afro-Egyptian policy formulation, leaders
from the private sector, academics, diplomats and government officials from across the region to share their thoughts, recommendations, strategies and advice on the future of Afro-Egyptian economic development.

Join us at this unique event and support the future of economic growth in Africa.