Marketing-Börse PLUS - Fachbeiträge zu Marketing und Digitalisierung
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01.04.2013 - 02.04.2013 | Heliopolis, Cairo

Why Creativity? Why Now? This event is bound to bring your brain cells into action.

Come listen to Tony Buzan - the inventor of Mindmap -, Ramon Vullings - author of Creativity Today -, and Cyriel Kortleven - the Master of Interaction.

In 2006 the Association of American Colleges and Universities surveyed 306 businesses to determine the most valuable skills that institutions of higher learning should be teaching, and the Top Three were (in order) teamwork, critical thinking, and communication. Yet in 2010 when IBM's Institute for Business Values asked 1500 chief executives what leadership competency they championed, above all others, voters selected none of the winners from three years before. Instead, the new World idol was creativity.

Benefits of attending:
- Participants will improve their creative problem solving skills and artistic spirit.
- Participants will get practical tools to apply it in their organizations and daily lives
- Participants will build the creative attitude that improves physical and mental health.
- Participants will learn how to tap into their Everyday Creativity
- Participants will experience the power of creativity
- Participants will develop their own creative potential