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13.03.2012 - 15.03.2012 | Assiut

The First International Egyptian Conference on Alternative Energy Technologies at Assiut University.

The objective of the conference is to cover present technological progress in the areas of alternative energy technologies and its applications. It will provide a forum for university faculties, research institutes and R&D of industrial sectors to discuss challenges for the future. Activities including panel discussions, workshops and invited talks will be arranged.

The conference will cover different topics such as:
- Wind Energy
- Solar cells
- Solar Photovoltaic Energy
- Biomass
- Ocean Energy
- Geothermal Energy
- Biofuel
- Hydrogen Fuel Cells
- Advanced Power Systems
- Power Storage Batteries
- DC/AC Inverters
- Solar Thermal Applications
- Low Voltage DC Lighting
- Heat Utilization and Energy Efficiency
- Nanotechnology