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17.04.2012 - 19.04.2012 | New Cairo

"Shaping the future of Egypt" is jointly organized by the School of Business and the School of Sciences and Engineering of the AUC.

AUC School of Business and the School of Sciences and Engineering are jointly holding the 2012 AUC Research Conference under the theme of “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Shaping the Future of Egypt”.

Entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) are becoming drivers for economic development, contributing to both job and wealth creation, which in turn promote dignity and social well-being. Now more than ever at this pivotal time in Egypt and the region, an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative mindset need to be capitalized on, fostered and encouraged to best rebuild the country and the region on strong, solid and sustainable foundations.

The 2012 AUC Research Conference will bring together AUC community, local practitioners and students from other Egyptian universities as well as international scholars and experts.

The conference offers an opportunity towards formulating a national strategy for supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in Egypt. This includes the identification of ‘best practices’ of commercializing as well as socializing innovation for the purposes of sustainable development. It also introduces a mechanism for shaping the entrepreneurial mindset and the required skill set among younger generations. It also aims to enhance confidence and cement trust among different categories of investors in Egyptian enterprises.

An important objective of the conference is to help create success stories in several aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt.

We believe a limited number of real successful startup companies can attract and encourage potential entrepreneurs, innovators, investors as well as universities, NGOs, and governments to take risks and be more innovative. We believe that this conference will have a long term impact and will contribute positively to Egypt’s economic development by shifting towards a more knowledge based economy and society and significantly addressing Egypt’s pressing unemployment and other economic concerns.
The 2012 AUC Research Conference is intended to raise awareness on the importance of (E&I) in rebuilding Egypt and the region on strong foundations with potential for further development and faster growth. It will also foster linkages between academia, industry and community within Egypt, the region and globally.

World leaders have expressed their interest in assisting countries like Egypt in its efforts to become more innovative. This necessitates building a solid base of entrepreneurs who have the necessary skills to turn novel ideas into well functioning projects. A conference dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation will bring together interested stakeholders, which will bring not only private, but also social benefit to AUC and to Egypt as a whole.

The 2012 AUC Research Conference is co-chaired by Dr. Nagla Rizk, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, School of Business and Dr. Hassan Azzazy Professor of Chemistry, School of Sciences and Engineering.

Important Dates & Deadlines:
- Abstract Submission Deadline: 18 February 2012
- Abstract Acceptance Deadline: 8 March 2012
- Full Paper Submission Deadline: 24 March 2012
- Full Paper Acceptance Deadline: 5 April 2012
- 2012 AUC Research Conference: 17 – 19 April 2012

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