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11.02.2012 - 11.02.2012 | Cairo

A panel discussion between some of Egypt's most knowledgeable experts in economy and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

One year ago Egypt witnessed the beginning of the end of an era, one year ahead into the future, we're exploring the future of Egypt together through what entrepreneurs have got to launch creating the future of Egypt.

February 11th, a panel discussion will take place between some of Egypt's most knowledgeable experts in economy and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs who're successfully running and growing their businesses and hoping for a bright FutureOfEgypt.

Where hope meets reality, we're exploring the future of Egypt on the eyes of its entrepreneurs guided by expert judgment, finding out what can be done from everyone for a brighter Future Of Egypt through a mature support system for entrepreneurs.

After the panel discussion, we'll take a journey into the future by witnessing entrepreneurs who're launching their products, creating new beginnings that won't stop, until Egyptians' dreams for a brighter Egypt is met.

Event Agenda:

3:00 ~ 3:15 Introduction
3:15 ~ 4:45 Panel Discussion
4:45 ~ 5:30 Launching Platform

Panel Discussion:

Moderated by Mr. Mohamed El-Sawy, Founder of El-Sawy Culture Wheel with the participation of three entrepreneurship experts and three entrepreneurs

- Dr. Alaa Amer, Former Vice-Chairman of the Egyptian Capital Market Authority
- Dr. Hala Hattab, Entrepreneurship Lecturer at British University in Egypt
- Mr. Yousry El-Ghaitany, Executive Director of Entrepreneurs Business Forum

- Mohamed Wahid, Founder of Mashaweer
- Shady Sherif, Founder of CorePublications
- Amad Masoudi, Founder of AqarMap ( and entrepreneurship blogger at

Launching Platform:

Haytham El Fadeel, Kngine
Ahmed Wasfie, Backpack
Hady Ahmed, Tabhsoora
Kirolos Alfy, No5rog

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