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Top 10 paint producers in Egypt

Egypt is poised to emerge in 2024 as a key player in the global chemicals market, driving economic growth and sustainable development.
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In the tapestry of Egypt's chemical industry in 2024, the paint sector emerges as a vibrant thread, weaving together innovation, application, and market dynamics. As we embark on an exploration of the Top 10 paint producers in Egypt, it's essential to understand the pivotal role this segment plays within the broader chemical landscape. From the formulation of specialized coatings to the utilization of cutting-edge pigments, the paint industry serves as a microcosm of Egypt's chemical ingenuity and adaptability. By delving into the intricacies of paint production and consumption, we gain valuable insights into the larger trends shaping Egypt's chemicals sector.
1. Stamicarbon's Urea Plant Advancements:
Stamicarbon, through its nitrogen technology licensor NEXTCHEM, secured a contract to establish a cutting-edge urea melt and granulation plant in Egypt for El-Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC). With a projected daily production capacity of 1,050 metric tonnes of urea, this facility, situated 100 km southeast of Cairo, underscores Egypt's commitment to leveraging advanced nitrogen technologies for enhanced productivity and product quality.

2. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Venture:
In a bid to promote sustainable energy solutions, the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company, in collaboration with a private firm, is investing $380 million to construct a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant. Utilizing the HEFA pathway and derived from used cooking oil, the facility aims to produce 120,000 tonnes of SAF annually. This initiative aligns with Egypt's broader agenda for renewable energy development and underscores the nation's commitment to environmental stewardship.

3. Revitalization of Ammonia Production:
thyssenkrupp Uhde Egypt has partnered with Delta Company for Fertilizer and Chemical Industries to revamp an existing ammonia plant complex in Talkha, Egypt. Leveraging uhde® ammonia technology, the project aims to enhance the plant's operational efficiency and increase its daily capacity from 1275 to 1400 tons. Beyond economic benefits, this initiative aligns with Egypt's agricultural expansion goals, emphasizing the pivotal role of ammonia in driving sectoral growth.

4. Strategic Partnerships for Phosphate Production:
The collaboration between Egypt-based El Nasr Mining Company, Al Safy Group, and Indian firm Wilson underscores Egypt's strategic focus on phosphate enhancement. By establishing a raw phosphate production factory, the partners aim to bolster the concentration of raw phosphate for utilization across various industries. This initiative not only augments Egypt's fertilizers industry but also fosters advancements in research and development within the chemical sector.

5. Vietnamese Investment in Egypt's Plastics Industry:
Vietnam's European Plastics Joint Stock Company (EuP) inaugurated its first factory in Egypt, specializing in filler masterbatch production. With an investment of $30 million, the facility in Sadat city signifies Vietnam's confidence in Egypt's market potential. By leveraging advanced production technologies and targeting diverse export markets, EuP Egypt Industries Company aims to catalyze growth within Egypt's plastics industry, contributing to job creation and economic expansion.

6. Plastic Products Exports Surge:
Egypt's chemical and fertilizers sector witnessed a notable surge in plastic products exports, accounting for 27% of total sector exports valued at $1.75 billion. The PLASTEX 2024 and Egypt Plast 2024 exhibitions provided a platform for showcasing intermediate and final products, alongside fostering international collaborations and knowledge exchange. This emphasis on industry engagement and capacity-building underscores Egypt's commitment to fostering a vibrant and globally competitive chemicals industry.

In conclusion, Egypt's chemicals industry in 2024 is characterized by a dynamic blend of innovation, investment, and collaboration. From pioneering urea production technologies to sustainable aviation fuel initiatives and strategic partnerships for phosphate enhancement, Egypt is poised to emerge as a key player in the global chemicals market, driving economic growth and sustainable development.
CompanyFoundedCompany description
1997GLC for industry is one of the bigger paint producer in Egypt, it produce all kind of paints.
1981Scib Paints offers wall painting colors, interior, exterior home painting & wood coatings.
1985Paint is our passion, we produce paints since 1985 , providing our customer with the solutions to develop their businesses in a profitable way.
1958Company in the industry of paints and coatings offers a wide range of Paints that include decorative paints, wood, industrial paints, etc.
2008MAS starting the paint manufacturing in Italy since the year 1990. In 1994 MAS selected Jebel Ali Free Zone
1990We developed Industrial, Protective, and Marine Systems, over and above the Architectural/Decorative paints.
1988The Company is founded in 1988 located in Tanta. It is the parent company of a group of the largest paint and chemical manufacturers in Egypt.
1982Established in 1982 as a pioneer private sector company in Egypt, manufacturing emulsions and a wide range of textured paints.
1946Orient paints was founded in 1946 to lead the paints industry with its innovative and creative ideology.
1979Founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1979, Jazeera Paints is a pioneering paint manufacturer in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East.
1980We are a streamlined, efficient manufacturer who operates on the leading edge of new technologies and solutions.

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