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Top 10 internet service providers in Egypt

ISPs offer high-speed, reliable internet with technical support, security, scalable solutions, dedicated IP addresses, and compliance assistance.
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Many companies undervalue the significance of having a dedicated website, often resorting to subdomains which can compromise their image and scalability. Concurrently, security lapses, including website hijacking and expired certificates, are prevalent, endangering both businesses and users.

Technical issues and misconfigurations further exacerbate the problem, limiting the accessibility of many Egyptian sites in Western regions. A holistic approach to digital best practices, encompassing security, user experience, and technical proficiency, is urgently needed for these enterprises to fully harness the potential of their online platforms.

The unfavorable impressions of some Egyptian websites are all the more puzzling given the abundance of excellent digital marketing agencies and internet service providers in Egypt. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) play a crucial role for companies running a web server or website. Here are some key benefits they offer:

High-Speed Internet Access: ISPs provide the high-speed internet necessary for efficiently running web servers. This ensures quick data transfer, which is vital for website performance and user experience.

Reliability and Uptime: Professional ISPs often guarantee higher uptime, which means the web server or website is less likely to experience downtime. This is critical for maintaining a consistent online presence and ensuring accessibility for users.

Technical Support: ISPs offer technical support which can be invaluable, especially for resolving network-related issues that might impact the server or website.

Scalability: As a company grows, its internet needs will change. ISPs can offer scalable solutions that allow companies to easily upgrade their bandwidth or other services as needed.

Security Services: Many ISPs provide additional security services such as DDoS protection, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, which are essential for protecting a website against cyber threats.

Dedicated IP Addresses: ISPs can offer dedicated IP addresses which are important for businesses that want to maintain a stable online presence and for certain technical requirements like SSL certificates for secure websites.

Hosting Services: Some ISPs also offer web hosting services, which can be convenient for companies looking to have both internet access and server hosting managed by the same provider.

Data Backup and Storage: ISPs may provide data backup and storage solutions, ensuring that a company's website data is safely stored and can be recovered in case of any data loss.

Compliance and Regulation Adherence: ISPs are often well-versed in the latest compliance and regulatory requirements and can assist businesses in adhering to these, especially in regards to data storage and transfer.

Bandwidth Management: ISPs can assist in bandwidth management, ensuring that the web server has sufficient resources to handle website traffic efficiently, even during peak times.

For companies running a web server or website, choosing the right ISP can significantly impact the performance, security, and reliability of their online presence.
CompanyFoundedCompany description
1999NOOR Data Network is a full fledged Internet and Network Solutions Service provider based in Egypt.
2019Established in 1988, ACT supplies the Egyptian market with the latest information and communication technology (ICT) solutions.
1996ALKAN CIT is a world-class information technology company and system integrator, providing renowned clients in Egypt, Africa and The Middle East.
1992Intercom Enterprises is a leading systems integrator that has been adding value to the Egyptian information technology market since 1992.
1996LDC provides a wide list of Internet Services, including Web Hosting, Infrastructure management, and domain registration
2014Intcore is one of the Egyptian leading companies in web solutions and mobile app development.
2004DataSoft Service : ERP ERPNext HR Systems Mobile App Website Hosting & Cloud Integrated Systems
2001Network EGYPT Web Hosting , Cloud Servers , Dedicated Servers & Domain Registration
2000WebEgypt is an online development company that offers website services for small, medium and large sized organizations.
1992LINKdotNET is Egypt’s leading internet service provider and got acquired by by Orange Egypt (Mobinil) in July 2010.

This compilation of the companies has been made to the best of our knowledge and belief. We have made every effort to obtain the information from reliable and up-to-date sources and to reproduce it as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. We are grateful for additions and corrections, which you are welcome to send to The selection of companies is based on the number of employees, the revenue, and the number of online visitors.