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Top 10 leasing companies in Egypt

Leasing instead of buying assets can offer several advantages for a company, mainly regarding financial flexibility.
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Leasing instead of buying assets can offer several advantages for a company, mainly regarding financial flexibility, risk management, and operational efficiency. Here are some key benefits:

Cash Flow Management: Leasing often requires less upfront capital than buying, which can be particularly beneficial for small or growing businesses. This allows companies to preserve their cash for other critical business needs, like operations, marketing, or research and development.

Flexibility: Leasing agreements can be more flexible than purchasing, allowing companies to upgrade or change equipment more frequently. This is especially advantageous in industries where technology or equipment becomes outdated quickly.

Tax Advantages: Lease payments can often be deducted as a business expense on tax returns, which can reduce the net cost of the lease. This differs from purchasing, where the asset is capitalized, and only depreciation expenses can be deducted.

Off-Balance Sheet Financing: Leasing can sometimes be structured as off-balance sheet financing, which means the leased asset and associated liabilities do not appear on the company's balance sheet. This can improve financial ratios such as return on assets and debt to equity.

Risk Mitigation: The lessor bears the risk of obsolescence. This means the company leasing the equipment does not have to worry about the equipment becoming outdated or losing value.

Maintenance and Support: Many leases include maintenance, repair, and support services. This can reduce the administrative burden and cost of maintaining the equipment.

Easier to Obtain than Loans: For some businesses, especially those with limited credit history or lower credit ratings, leasing can be easier to obtain than financing a purchase.

Conservation of Capital: Leasing allows companies to conserve their capital for investment in areas that offer higher returns than the lease cost.

Customization and Bundling: Leasing agreements can often be customized to the needs of the business, including options for bundling different types of equipment under one lease.

However, it's important to note that the advantages of leasing versus buying can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the business, including its financial situation, the nature of the asset being considered for lease or purchase, and the terms of the lease agreement. Therefore, it's always recommended that businesses carefully analyze their needs and consult with financial experts before making a decision.
CompanyFoundedCompany description
2011Easy Lease started its operation in June 2021 it's a part of El Sewedy inaugurated with the aim to provide easy & innovative financial solutions
1964Incorporated in 1964 with 910 employees as the first Arab multinational bank in Egypt.
2004The company provides leasing products & services tailored to meet corporate capital expenditure needs.It focuses on large/medium ticket leasing.
2011Al Ahly Leasing and Factoring Company “ALC” is a joint stock Company, established by the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) in June 2011.
1988CI Capital is a financial services group and Egypt’s leading provider of leasing, microfinance and investment banking products and services.
2017Leading company in leasing & factoring. Established in 2017 by Banque Misr and other renowned financial institutions.
2006A.T. LEASE commenced its operations with the aim of becoming the leading financial institution specialized in financial leasing in Egypt.
1997Offer financial leasing services.
2018Cairo Leasing Corporation (CLC) is an Egyptian joint stock leasing company, fully owned by one of the leading banks in Egypt.
2016Since its inception, Egylease has been growing progressively and is striving to become one of the top and key players in the Egyptian financial market

This compilation of the companies has been made to the best of our knowledge and belief. We have made every effort to obtain the information from reliable and up-to-date sources and to reproduce it as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. We are grateful for additions and corrections, which you are welcome to send to The selection of companies is based on the number of employees, the revenue, and the number of online visitors.