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Top 10 steel producers from Egypt

The steel industry in Egypt serves as a critical backbone to the nation's construction and infrastructure sectors, demonstrating vibrant growth.
© yasin hemmati on unsplash
Egypt stands tall as Africa's leading steel producer and holds the second position in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Contributing to a significant 19.2% of the industrial GDP in 2002, the steel sector underscores its importance in the Egyptian economic landscape.

However, this dominance hasn't come without its share of tribulations. Global reductions in raw material prices - including that of pallet, iron ore, and scrap - combined with a depreciating dollar against the pound, have driven steel prices downward. The market is also grappling with an oversupply of steel, making it unattractive for newcomers. Moreover, the inherently capital-intensive nature of the steel industry naturally restricts easy market entry in Egypt.

Yet, the future seems promising. Following the inauguration of a new factory, projections for 2020 showed an upward curve in Egypt's iron production. Indeed, in the same year, Egypt proudly secured its spot as the world's 20th largest steel producer, boasting an impressive 8.2 million tons of steel.
CompanyFoundedCompany description
1948Beshay Steel Co is a steel producer, with products like direct Reduced Iron (DRI), Billets, Re-bars, Wire Rods and Light Sections.
2010Established in 2010, the Company succeeded in penetrating the steel industry in Egypt.
1865Kandil Steel is a customer oriented business, focused on the continuous development of finished steel products tailored to the required needs.
2006El Marakby is a steel factory and located in 6th October for producing steel sections and reinforcing bars.
1983ERW Pipes and Tubes, Cold Formed Sections, Coppugated Steel Sheets, Scaffolding Accessories, Cut to Length of Steel Coils.
2006Energya Steel Solutions has the capacity to provide multiple engineering services.
1979FMC has the full capacity & experience to execute the manufacturing works of structural steel process equipment.
1999Suez Steel Company under the umbrella of Solb Misr Group is a major player in the steel industry through the Middle East as located in Egypt.
1995NSF was established in 1995, with a single production facility in Egypt and a total annual production capacity of 36,000 tons.
1959Ezzsteel is the largest independent producer of steel in the MENA region and is the market leader in Egypt.

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