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Top10 pharmaceutical companies of Egypt

Egypt has a strong manufacturing industry and is the largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the MENA region.
With more than 100 pharmaceutical companies operating in the country, Egypt has a dynamic local manufacturing sector. These pharmaceutical companies produce a wide range of products including generic drugs, branded generics, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. About nine in ten drugs consumed in the country are produced locally. According to IQVIA, local companies account for 56 percent of the market in terms of sales, leaving multinationals with 44 percent of the pie. Egypt boasts a skilled labor force and expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, which are vital to realizing its ambitions.

Strong Market growth
Egypt’s pharmaceutical market has consolidated itself as the fastest growing in the Middle East and Africa, far outpacing Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the UAE and Algeria. The Egyptian pharma market grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 percent between 2011 and 2017 to reach a total market valuation of EGP 50 billion in 2017. The industry is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Population and the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Authority, which are responsible for ensuring quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines. Egypt has been investing in its pharmaceutical industry and actively seeking partnerships to boost manufacturing capacity, upgrade technology, and improve quality. For example, it has sought foreign direct investments (FDIs) and collaborations with international pharmaceutical companies.
1997Global Napi Pharmaceuticals (GNP) is a branded generic pharmaceutical manufacturer with three EMA approved manufacturing facilities in Egypt.
1997EVA Pharma is one of the leading branded generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the EMEA region.
1998Amoun is among Egypt's largest companies producing human and veterinary pharmaceutical products and food supplements.
1997APEX Pharma S.A.E. is an Egyptian Joint Stock company. Main activities include Production, Marketing, Sales & Importation of pharmaceutical products.
1994Egyptian pharmaceutical company producing a wide range of branded generic pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food supplements and veterinary products.
1958Minapharm ranks among the leading pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and the Middle East.
1986Mash Premiere is a leading pharmaceutical company in the Egyptian market aiming to improve the quality of life for the whole MENA Region.
2001Ibnsina Pharma provides pharmacy and manufacturer services. Services include distribution, order taking and delivery, promotion, and warehousing
1980Manufacturer of human and vet medicines and cosmetics. Marketing its products all over Egypt and exporting it abroad.
2006AUG Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that aims to help people lead a better life by providing real value medicines.
1987Pharco Corporation, founded by Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy, started operation in 1987. Pharco Corporation is a group of nine health care companies.
Egypt views Africa as a key market
Besides serving the local market, Egypt's pharmaceutical industry also exports to several countries in the MENA region, Europe, and even further afield. Egypt's strategic location as a bridge between Africa, Asia, and Europe makes it an excellent logistical hub for distributing pharmaceutical products. The country's robust infrastructure and established pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities further bolster this ambition. Egypt aims to become Africa’s hub in the pharmaceutical industry. The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement’s (UPA) chairman, Bahaa El-Din Zidan, announced preparations for the second edition of Africa Health ExCon 2023 which will provide a platform for Egypt to showcase its capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry. The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, which aims to create a single market for goods and services across 54 countries, could provide a massive opportunity for Egypt's pharmaceutical industry.

Egypt's pharmaceutical industry is facing challenges
Despite its strengths, the sector faces several challenges, including periodic drug shortages, pricing issues, and a need for further technological and infrastructural investment. Key challenges facing Egypt’s pharmaceutical industry include the government’s enforcement of drug pricing, private multinationals’ dominance of the market, the delayed implementation of a comprehensive increase in pharmaceutical prices, the depreciation of the Egyptian pound, and the wide spread of counterfeit medicines. Research and development activity has historically been relatively low compared to more developed markets, but there have been efforts to increase investment in this area to boost innovation and create more high-value products.

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