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Top10 banks in Egypt

Egypt's banking sector is a diverse mix of state-owned, private, and international institutions.
Egypt's banking sector plays a crucial role in the nation's economic development. The top 10 largest banks in Egypt are a diverse mix of state-owned, private, and international institutions, offering comprehensive financial services ranging from retail and corporate banking to investment solutions. These banks contribute significantly to the country's financial stability, drive innovation, and promote financial inclusion, fostering growth and prosperity for the Egyptian economy.
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1920Banque Misr was established 88 years ago by the pioneer economist, Mohamed Talaat Harb Pasha, as the first bank fully owned by Egyptians.
1975The Commercial International Bank was established in 1975 as a joint venture between the National Bank of Egypt and the Chase Manhattan Bank.
1964Incorporated in 1964 with 910 employees as the first Arab multinational bank in Egypt.
1898The National Bank of Egypt is the oldest commercial bank in Egypt offering business banking and investment banking.
1904Attijariwafa bank is a leading banking and financial Group in North, Western and Central Africa.
1979Housing & Development Bank S.A.E is a banking group organized around 3 areas of activity: retail banking; business banking; real estate financing.
1983Banking services, finance, refinance projects, all banking activities, saving, deposities, LGs, LC's.
1957Alexbank is one of the largest banks in Egypt, with 210 branches. It was the first Egyptian state-owned bank and was privatised in 2006.
1978Personal, corporate, and Islamic banking, conventional and Islamic asset management services including fund management.
1952Banque du Caire offers retail, corporate, and investment banking, SME financing, and conventional as well as Islamic asset management services.
1997Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Egypt, a leading universal bank that is fully Shari'a compliant.
1981Egyptian Gulf Bank is an Egypt-based company engaged in the provision of corporate, retail, and investment banking services.
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