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Schools, Universities, Institutions in Egypt

Zagazig University
Zagazig EG
Zagazig University is one of the largest governmental universities in Egypt with approximately 7000 faculty members and more than 120000 students.
Giza EG
GetBundi is an online learning resource designed to deliver high quality engaging and accessible STEM and English language education courses across
ITSpark company
Alexandria EG
ITSpark is a leading professional software services provider. Offering fast, professional, customizable services and software consultancy
Delta University
Dakahilia EG
Is one of the first private universitys.
Acquire essential life skills and discover new possibilities in the future through Astrology. Our experts designed unique Numerology Classes for you.
EduDam is a real partner in the success of many K-12 international schools. We provide school startup, improvement, and management services.
Uche Edu
Kowloon EG
The mission of UCHE is to offer quality higher education opportunities for secondary school leavers, sub-degree graduates, and working professionals.
Alexandria EG
عرب ليجال لاستيراد وتصدير وتوزيع جميع أنواع لمبات البروجكتور, صيانة أجهزة البروجيكتور (داتا شو), صيانة جميع أنواع السبورات التفاعلية
Assiut STEM School
Assiut EG
The STEM program is based on grand challenges of Egypt , admission by MOE regulations: with a minimum score of 98% & 2 full marks of Math, Science&En.
Hedayet Inst. is a pioneer Arabic language teaching inst. for non natives in ME since 1994. We've had z most popular Stdy abroad progs.& serves expats
Kids Camp Montessori Nursery
New Cairo City, Cairo EG
Kids Camp Montessori Nursery is a purpose built day nursery in the Fifth Settlement with extensive outdoor play areas and quality education.
UNICAF ltd Egypt
Cairo EG
UNICAF is an International Organization based in Cyprus
Al-Diwan Center
Maadi EG
Teaching Arabic for non speakers of Arabic regardless of their aims, ages or races, Established in 1996 and now has 3 branches in Cairo, 1 in Malaysia
Teaching music & Art & Dancing & voice
The largest training providers for engineers in Egypt & the Middle East. 600 corporate clients work with us, 5000 engineers train with us every year.
cairo club
cairo EG
The Cairo Spanish Club is running new A1 Spanish Beginner Courses cost 600 LE per month for 2 x 2 hour lessons. Private lessons from 85 LE per hour. T
The Canadian Preschool and Nursery Academy is owned by a Canadian educated native speaker and a graduate of an accredited Art Education program.
Center Friends
دار السلام القاهرة EG
نوفر قاعات مجهزة للمدرسين على أعلى مستوى
كورسات كمبيوتر ولغات
تحفيظ قرآن
أبحاث علمية
طباعة وتصوير
Cairo EG
Edu.Supplies provides superior schools and nursery supplies and fitting services regarded to the safety and respectable prices توريد تجهيزات المدارس
ECU is Technology based , Research-led , Productive Higher Education Institution , in support of Innovation and Sustainable Development
Englishlancer is a fast growing copy editing and proofreading service.
IBDL is designed, validated, and approved by Mc Graw-hill in collaboration with The Management Development Institute, Missouri State University
ISC Egypt
Cairo EG
International Standards Certifications (ISC), a full scope JAS-ANZ and Exemplar Global accredited delivering independent auditing & training.
Giza EG
Institut Supérieur du Développement International des Sciences Commerciales

Business Instution And consultancy Business Services
تهدف اكاديمية كارما لتقديم التوعيه الكامله في علوم الطاقة الحيويه والتنمية البشرية من خلال المواد التي تقوم بتدريسها على أيدي نخبة متخصصين