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Chemical-Equipment in Egypt

Procter & Gamble Egypt (P&G)
6th of October Giza EG
Procter & Gamble is one of the world’s largest consumer goods company.
Progress Egypt
Sheikh zayed city EG
بروجرس مصرهي منشاة تعمل في جميع مجالات المواد اللاصقه التي تستخدم في كافة الصناعات، الموزع الرئيسي لمنتجات شركة هنكل الالمانية العالمية للغراء الساخن
Cairo EG
Gases Supplies', and Solutions Services' and Equipment's
Dow Export SA is involved in the promotion of Dow products (e.g. Polystyrene, Engineering plastics, Performance Chemicals, etc.) in the Egypt market.
LifeGuard Technologies has revolutionized the “Hose” and “Breakaway Industry” by combining both into a superior yet cost-effective breakaway system.
The leading marketing and distribution network for specialty chemicals in the MENA region: Arabian Peninsula, Gulf area, Near-East and North-Africa.
Pioneer in the field of detergents against all viral & bacterial pathogens
Advanced Chemicals & Technology
6th of October 6th of October City EG
Producer of sulphonate melamine formaldehyde.
Advanced Hygienic
Badr City EG
Detergents & Disinfectants for Hospitality, Food & Beverages industries in Egypt, Middle East & Africa region.
AL AHRAM is a private company founded in 1993 specialized in the field of plastics. We launched our new factory in 2005 producing
Al Husainy Trading
Alexandria EG
Specialized in industrial & food chemicals, detergents, disinfectants & all types of acids & mineral salts.
Chemicals (Food, pharmaceutical & production treatment – Organic solvents – Acids – Alkalis – Dyes – Textile chemicals – Lab
Water Dyes (Washable Plastic, Economic Plastic, Wall Paste, Transparent Glue, Water Sealant & Water Lacquer),
Alexandria EG
We are dealers for several UK, USA, Canada, and German companies. We are distributing lab equipments, chemicals and lab consumables.
El Gharbeya EG
Importers & distributers of industrial chemicals. Paints & Epoxy -Detergents -Textiles & solvents related to paints Printing Inks
Atlas Chem
Alexandria EG
One of the leading importers & distributors of various chemicals, plastic additives & composite materials in the Egyptian market
Importing organic solvents for companies specializing in paint, thinner, ink, printing, cosmetic, oil field, detergent, adhesives such as methanol,
Diers in Germany, Pacetech in USA, and Soema in Italy in the field of medical equipment.
Chimi Art
El Roda Cairo EG
Manufacturer of chemicals for water, industrial water, waste water treatment, fuel additives and oil chemicals.
Cimex Misr
Cairo EG
Over 25 years of worldwide experience in the field of manufacturing & distributing cleaning products, detergents, disinfectants & chemicals
Established in 1996 as a leader in manufacturing detergents & chemicals. We provide the local market with low cost high quality products
Dynamic Specialty Chemicals has a proud reputation for quality, service & solving customer problems. The company is committed