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T Tangle - Online Procurement Management System

T Tangle - Online Procurement Management System

Online Procurement Management system that connects entities to vendors over a single database allowing them to manage their RFPing process.

 | Egypt

  • Job Nile - Recruitment & HR Systems Job Nile is the first Recruitment & Human Resources Consultancy Firm in Alex/Egypt serving the Egyptian&International Market professionaly since 1999

  • First Financial Consultation - FFC شركة مساهمة مصرية ولديها ترخيص مزاولة نشاط الاستشارات المالية لدى الهيئة العامة للرقابة المالية ومستشار مالى مستقل وراعى معتمد ببورصة النيل تحت رقم 2

  • Lead Trade Fairs LTF LTF (LEAD TRADE FAIRS) is one of the leading trade fairs organizers in Egypt and North Africa, with a portfolio of successful trade events.


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