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The Pharaohs' Code - Joyful Life

The Pharaohs' Code was the #1 Amazon best-selling motivational book on May 19, 2009. More than a self-help book.
Author: Mohamed Tohami,
2008, 146 pages, ISBN: 978143921242
"A Remarkable New Book Reveals The Ancient Egyptians Secrets That Will Inspire You To Live A More Joyful, Meaningful, and Successful life!"

"This system will allow you to change your life. Following the steps in this book will put you in charge of your own success...and you WILL succeed. Trust the process to take you where you want to go." - Jim Cathcart,
Bestselling author of The Acorn Principle

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About the author

Img of Mohamed Tohami
Mohamed Tohami

Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author and motivational speaker who helps unfulfilled professionals find their purpose in life and live with passion.