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Erfolgreiches Online-Marketing

This book reveals what really matters in online marketing.
2021, 285 Pages, 39,95 EUR ISBN: 9783648149294

Online shop, weblog or newsletter - even though online marketing is now a matter of course for many companies, rarely are all the possibilities exhausted.

But how do you find the right strategy for your company? How can you assert yourself against the virtual competition? This book provides you with concrete marketing packages for your very individual situation that are easy to understand and implement. According to the motto: Define what you want and you will find out what you need!

New in the 5th edition:

  • Paid Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google & Co.)

  • Manage customer data digitally

  • Building marketing funnels

  • Conducting A/B tests on the website

  • Digital extras: Online marketing tools for evaluating all tools, practical examples of company websites, checklists for requesting online shops and agency selection

Further contents:

  • What matters in online marketing

  • Tools for implementation: homepage, search engine optimisation, e-mail marketing, social web, mobile and local marketing, etc.

  • Structured online marketing packages for the right target

  • How smartphones change user behaviour

  • Concrete decision-making aids and best practices