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Egyptian Women Workers and Entrepreneurs: Maximizing Opportunities in the Economic Sphere

This book holds data & evidence on barriers to women's entry into business in Egypt and makes the case for actions to ensure gender equality.
Author: Sahar Nasr,
Publisher The World Bank/The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
2010, 120 pages, ISBN: 978-082138190
Over the past decade, Egyptian women have made significant progress in improving their economic and social status. The government s commitment to women s empowerment is strong at the highest political levels. Yet continued disparities remain in the country s labor market and in the business arena.

Egyptian Women Workers and Entrepreneurs analyzes these disparities and makes recommendations for needed change to ensure a level playing field. This groundbreaking book brings together data and extensive evidence on barriers to women s entry into business in Egypt and makes the case for actions to ensure gender equality.
This book is based on a study that the Egyptian Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Manpower and Migration, and the National Council for Women requested to assist in analyzing the factors that influence women s low participation rate in economic activities, including the labor market and entrepreneurship. Egyptian Women Workers and Entrepreneurs aims to fill the significant research gap on these subjects in Egypt as well as to provide suggestions to address continued gender inequalities. This book will be useful for donors, nongovernmental organizations, and researchers working to address gender barriers.

About the author

Img of Sahar Nasr
Sahar Nasr

Lead Financial Economist at the World Bank.