Read this whitepaper to get to know why and especially how e-commerce challenges Egypt.
Over the last few decades, information and communication technology have become vital as a platform for business and socio-economic development.
Moreover, the Internet became an important medium for information acquisition and knowledge dissemination across the globe (Kamel, 1995), which
led to the formulation of the global information society and the creation of the digital economy with its growing trends such as competing in time, customer relationship management and smart communities. Since 1985, Egypt has invested in its information and communication infrastructure, targeting the build-up of its national information backbone to become the platform for the development of all sectors based on timely, relevant and accurate information. During the period 1985-1995, a publicprivate sector partnership helped realize the establishment of Egypt’s
information highway (Kamel, 1995). The program embedded the establishment of hundreds of informatics projects and centers in different government, public
and private sector organizations as well as the development and improvement of all the building blocks of the information infrastructure such as people,
technology (hardware and software), networks, information and knowledge management aspects (Kamel, 1999).
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