This report is published amid uncertainty in the global economy and a continuing shift in the balance of economic activity by the WEF.
Policymakers are struggling with ways of managing the present economic challenges while preparing their economies to perform well in a future economic land- scape characterized by uncertainty and shifting balances. In such a global economic environment, it is more important than ever for countries to put into place the fundamentals underpinning economic growth and development.

The World Economic Forum has, for more than 30 years, played a facilitating role in this process by providing detailed assessments of the productive potential of nations worldwide.The Report contributes to the understanding of the key factors determining economic growth, helps to explain why some countries are more successful than others in raising income levels and opportunities for their respective populations, and offers policymakers and business leaders an important tool in the formulation of improved economic policies and institutional reforms.

This year’s Report features a record number of 139 economies, and thus continues to be the most comprehensive assessment of its kind. It contains a detailed profile for each of the economies featured in the study as well as an extensive section of data tables with global rankings covering over 100 indicators.

This Report remains the flagship publication within the Forum’s Centre for Global Competitiveness and Performance, which produces a number of research studies that truly mirror the increased integration and complexity of the world economy. Additional regular publications include The Global Enabling Trade Report, The Global Gender Gap Report, The Global Information Technology Report, and The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, as well as various regional and country studies.
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