Deutsche Bank released its annual "Mapping the World's Prices" report. Egypt is not on it but with some calculations we found our answers.
The list includes 33 countries and compares prices of different things ranging from the rent of an average 2 bedroom apartment to the price of 2 liters of Coca Cola or average subscription to the Economist or price of a man's haircut at the expat area of the city!

With some calculations carried out by Business Insider, Egypt came at number 6 when it comes to buying an iphone 7, the same price as Italy (about 995 USD).

However, on the Coca-Cola front, Egypt would be the cheapest country to buy a 2 liters bottle with a cost about 0.40 USD while the cheapest on the list is Malayasia with 0.95.

Overall, Zurich comes as the most expensive place to but a lot of things, however they have the highest average salaries.While Turkey is the most expensive to buy an iPhone .

You can compare the numbers yourself by downloading the full report below.