The report offers insight into Egypt's recently completed and planned transport infrastructure projects.

Egypt is emerging from its five year period of instability with greater drive and clarity and confidence than before due in large part to the dynamic investment and public infrastructure construction initiatives being implemented by the Egyptian government. The need for such ambitious,large-scale projects has never been greater, as the government attempts to correct decades of under-investment in several key public sectors, including (most critically) the transport sector. Combined with the mass urbanisation and rapid population growth that Egypt is experiencing, the country’s mobility needs have dramatically increased and the transport infrastructure networks are not sufficiently well developed to cope with current level of demand. In order to address these pressing issues, significant efforts have been made in expanding and modernising Egypt’s commercial and domestic transport networks. The last 24 months have seen billions of dollars invested across multiple large-scale infrastructure projects in the road, rail, air and sea transport sectors. Not only will these improvements provide greater capacity and higher levels of safety and comfort for Egypt’s inhabitants, it will also open up a wider vista of commercial opportunities as Egypt capitalises on its strategic geographic location as the gateway between Africa, Europe and Asia. Image via Shutterstock/rook76