N Gage consulting is organizing a workshop on trade and investment in the context of the African Tripartite Free Trade Agreement. It is part of N Gage Debates workshops.
The Egyptian - African Business workshop is the first N Gage debates workshop, specially designed to cater for Egyptian companies and investors who operate or aspire to access African markets. African economies have witnessed surging growth rates over the past few years, with some reaching double-digit growth rates. this has led to a growing middle class, increased consumer spending and a larger appetite for foreign investments.

Historically, Egypt has played a pivotal role in African politics, culture and economics. Today,
as Egypt seeks to re-assert its role as a regional economic powerhouse, the tripartite free trade
agreement (TFTA) was signed in June 2015 in Sharm El Sheikh, under the auspices of president
Abdelfattah El-Sisi.

So how will the TFTA affect your business? what new opportunities does it create for trade and
investments? what are the existing hurdles to doing business in Africa, and how can you
overcome it? what are the latest news on tariffs, customs and regulatory procedures for
exporting to Africa?
Join us as we host leading experts such as Dr. Sherif Mahmoud - Egypt’s chief negotiator for the TFTA and head of the Trade Agreements Department at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and SMEs, and Heba Salama - head of the COMESA regional investment agency,
among others.

The event will be divided into two parts. The first is a general conference that hosts an array of public officials and private sector executives with extensive knowledge about the issues.

The second part will be an exclusive focus group. It will provide a limited number of participants the opportunity to gain insider knowledge from the TFTA negotiations room and examine the latest developments with regards to trading with Africa. key topics of discussion will also include rules of origin, tariff liberalisation to Egyptian exports, trade in services, dispute settlements and free movement of business persons.

For specific issues regarding your business, an inquiry template will be sent to workshop participants prior to the event, and they will be added to the discussion agenda. Kindly note that this session will be held under Chatham House Rules, thus the information discussed is not to be published - so as to allow our panel to speak comfortably. however, a tailor-made report will be sent to each participant regarding their issues with recommendations from our experts, as well as meeting minutes and an overview report with generic recommendations based on the issues discussed during the workshop.

To register for this event, kindly e-mail us at info@ngage-consulting.com and we will provide you with a registration form and reading materials. Workshop participants will also be provided with a Chatham House Rules brief sheet and an inquiry form for business specific questions.