The paper highlights and analyses the importance of the most significant mega projects currently underway around Egypt's ports and Suez Canal.
At the core of the Egyptian Government’s plans to revitalise the economy is the encouragement of further infrastructure investment projects in the port development and transshipment sector.

Egypt is already making the most of its strategic global position to serve growing markets in both Asia and Europe and the expansion of the Suez Canal and other vital port facilities demonstrates the Government’s commitment to solidify that advantage.

IQPC Middle East released a report outlining Mega projects around Egypt's ports with a special focus on Suez Canal. The report comes as a preparation for the Coastal and Canal Zone Development Conference due to take place in Cairo in November 2015.

The expansion and refinement of logistical facilities around Egypt’s key ports and the SCZone (Suez Canal Zone) will create sufficient industrial, residential and agricultural capacity to support their economic development and attract even greater levels of both foreign and
domestic investment. This process has already begun in earnest as a number of the mega projects currently underway.