Gulf aid, FDI, oil trade, tourism, private transfers – find out which money flowed into Egypt in Q1 2013/2014.
Egypt’s transactions with the rest of the world – especially the Gulf countries – are probably the most discussed economic factor today.

The country’s current account, capital account, and financial account have fluctuated heavily over the past months and finally all recorded surpluses. Dcode’s report discusses the changes in the Balance of Payments (BOP) key items during the first quarter of FY 2013/2014 and comments on the factors behind those changes and the performance highlights.

The report includes exclusive insights that Dcode developed through its own research activity and confirmed through its wide and credible network base. It concludes with an outlook of H1 2013/2014, followed by a table comparing the performance of the BOP Accounts in July-Sep 2013/2014 vs. the same period last year.