Egypt is the fourth worst country to do business in - and it is about time to find out why and how to fix that.
In 2011, Grant Thornton commissioned the EIU to research the business growth environments of 50 economies chosen on the basis of economic importance, size and regional diversity Five areas were identified as holding the key drivers to an economy’s dynamism: business operating environment, science and technology, labour and human capital, economics and growth and the financing environment.

Subsequently, 406 senior executives, from a broad range of countries and industries, were interviewed to determine which aspects of these attributes they deemed most important for business growth. This allowed for the weighting of each aspect according to its perceived relevance. By analysing the change in each attribute from 2007-2010, the first iteration of the index, GDI 2011, determined which economies had enjoyed the most robust recoveries from the global financial crisis.

Using the previous iteration as a baseline, the current iteration of the index, GDI 2012, looks at the progress of each economy over the past 12 months. Rather than provide a measure of an economy’s success during a period of high economic turbulence, this iteration provides a true illustration of the strength of each economy as a place for dynamic businesses to flourish.
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