A research dealing with the impact of the revolution on the practice of market research in Egypt from the Maastricht School of Management.
It is difficult for organizations to identify and adapt to change when it is so radical and sudden; however those organizations that sustain a competitive advantage during radical shifts are bound to prosper in the future. To sustain such a competitive advantage, organizations need a road map through turmoil economics. The researcher believes that market research is the road map to businesses survival and growth, especially in the toughest economic times.

The paper uses desk research and qualitative analysis of depth interviews conducted with industry experts.

When recession becomes visible, then it is inevitable to use every research dollar effectively. In our case, it is a revolution, meaning a drastic internal evolution and not externally forced, so we anticipate a more drastic economic impact on both the macro and micro-economic levels, market research has to adapt fast to these changes.

In this article, the researcher is trying to identify the impact of the revolution on the practice of market research in such times in Egypt in terms of changes expected in the deployed methodologies, market research applications, and market research structure.

Key words: Market Research, Market Research Methodologies, Market Research Applications, Market Research Structure, Egypt, Revolution in Egypt.
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