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kiwi xiao
Goldenway international freight company

Doaa Soliman
Alumil Misr

Ajay Bhoge
Global Power Source India Pvt Ltd

Zoheir Ould
La source

Rami Tanios

David Peng
Glory girl sanitary napkins manufacturers

john Mccarthy

AKg Gup
Asia Pulp & Paper

Shady Elagamy
One by one

Mohamed Hussein
KMT for industrial services

Michael Masry
SR7 Group AG

Mikhail Pautov
Foscote Enterprises Limited (L.L.C.)

Mai Allam
MS tex

shabbir yamani
Al bahriya systems & Services
12345 cairo
Since I moved to Egypt in 2010 I find the people, business & opportunities excellent. I provide product management, business development & s/w service

Duke Sun

zhao Min
YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd

whad fayed
ift corporation

Mohamed Eltantawy
Innovation Platform Solutions (IPS)
11865 Cairo

Zarah Ebiary
Mall of Egypt

Mahmoud Yousif
Term - Mitsubishi Forklift