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A comprehensive overview of the health-care facilities in Egypt - find hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, parmaceutical manufacturers and laboratories, as well as the latest industry news.

We are a specialties hospital equipped with the latest & sufficient healthcare technology, 24 hour labs, Intensive care units, operations theaters
1st time all over the world new invented electrical stimulation device very good useful for treating the neuroglical diseases, injuries
Mansoura EG
National Informatics Company NITCO is a global IT solutions company with over 20 years experience. It has incorporated in 1990
North Africa Medical Service
10th of ramadan EG
biomedical services and medical equipment business
all ICU and OR medical equipment
Purif Egypt
Cairo EG
Purif egypt
Revive is a Medical Center providing Primary Care. We practice Integrative Medicine, which combines conventional and proven alternative medicine
Distibuter for medical devices as
Blood sugar meter
Bloo pressure meter
Swiss Derma Center
Hurghada EG
Swiss Derma Center Hurghada is a Swiss- Egyptian medical institution. It was founded 2002.
Tagmeel Clinic
Cairo EG
تقدم تجميل كلينيك مزيج متنوع من خدمات عيادات التجميل في مصر حيث ننفرد بكوننا الافضل في مجال زراعة الشعر و تكبير و تصغير الثدي كما ان لدينا افضل اطباء
The Homeopathy treatment for Ulcerative Colitis on the concept of immuno-correction
lasik eye surgeries
علاج السمنة و انقاص الوزن و التخسيس
متابعه الحمل الحرج
كشف بالأشعة التلفزيونية
علاج العقم للجنسين
تنظيم الاسره باحدث الوسائل
ولاده طبيعيه بدون الم
ولاده قيصريه
You should use Tadalista tablet during sexual intercourse ,Taking it can get men out of problems like erectile dysfunction in a very short time,And ca
Most expert in duplex examination
Alfa Scan
Giza EG
El Safa
Giza EG