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Food companies in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

Pioneers in the set up of Dairy Goat farms and the production of specialty cheese from Goat and cow milk .Chevre , Brie ,Greek type Fetta,Halloumi,...
Al Assaf Group
Cairo EG
Arab Cola
Cairo EG
6th of October EG
Cairo EG
6th of October EG
nascr city EG
A company to produce natural medicines without any chemical substances or any additives to take care of the body
Agroplex your reliable access to the latest world wide technology, in fertilizers pesticides and seeds ,balanced nutrition to more vigor crop
Manufacturer of sweets and confectionery. Exporter of sweets products (snaps, weaver). Importer of spare parts of machines.
Baron for agricultural investment is a leading Company in the Field of agricultural investment in Egypt since 2002.
Company has its origin as a specialized grower and supplier of herbs, honey, and seeds.
Ana Young Laboratory
Kafr Elsheikh EG
We are unique innovative herbal products developers. You enjoy slimming juices, male/female enhancer honey and amazing other teas
ekin a.s.
mersin EG
food and feed products
Solve problems of Agric production and improve quality ,Control diseases ,Scale up Agric Production with enviro friendly methods of Cost efficient
Dear Sir , Green Herbs is exporter of herbs , spices and seeds. we can supply raw material of herbs and tea bag cut .
Alexandria EG
A fast growing Company with more than 40 years of experience in agricultural field in Egypt , Growing ,processing and export fresh fruits & Vegetable
Aujan Industries
Cairo EG
Aujan Industries is one of Aujan Coca Cola company Our brands are : Rani, Barbican and Vimto