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Dairy and Processed Food industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the dairy and processed food industry in Egypt - as well as the latest industry news.

Founded in 1986 by Eng. Adel El Moghazi Badawi, the factory produces all types of cheese (white, Romano, Akawi, feta, double cream, lightly salted
Producers of food processing. Importer of frozen beef and exporter of frozen chicken.
Importer of foodstuff and frozen meat.
Producer of milk products and all kinds of cheese.
Balady Company for Foods
Luran, Alexandria EG
Balady Company for foods is a company for import, export, packing, manufacture of all kinds of meat.
Trading and distributing of food, meat, poultry, shrimp and fish.
Cairo EG
Our company is a leader in supplying all kinds of chicken, meat & butter for major hotels, factories, restaurants & hospitals
The Company is established in 2000. It's working in the field of food Industries manufacturing teheni sweet and dry sweets.
Established in 1999 to bring the best food and beverage into Egypt.
Factory of juice and processing food.
In the field of processed food.
Established in 1992. Recognized as one of the leading food industry company in Egypt specialized in teheni sweet, dry sweets & juices nectar.
The Factory is a manufacturer of beef luncheon, chicken luncheon, pastrmi, burger, susages, kofta, minced meat, cut meat, liver.
The Company is working in the field of poultry slaughter and processing.
Manufacturer of chicken products. Importer of Kellogg's Cereals, Mcvities Biscuits (food products).
Halal Egypt for Food Industry
10th of Ramadan, Sharkia EG
Manufacturer of beef luncheon, luncheon chicken, pastrami, burger, meat beef burger, beef sausages, chicken sausages, spiced kofta etc.
Milky's for Milk Production
El Sheikh Zayed Giza EG
Joint stock comany, raw milk production and beef.
Importer of frozen beef, kidney, hearts and liver.
National company for advanced food processing . Producing of meat and chicken frozen products
Importer, Exporter and Trader of frozen food.
Samo Trading Company established in 1976
The Company imports and distribute food stuff products, dairy products (cheese), and import all kind of cheese.
Cairo EG
Ready to supply beef from our farm to your outlets
Cairo EG
Petvit is new establish company producing Pet Foods.
Alexandria EG