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Dairy and Processed Food industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the dairy and processed food industry in Egypt - as well as the latest industry news.

specialized in the production of Feta, Istambolly, triangular processed & Romano cheese…..
Egy Swiss Food
El Sharkeya EG
EgySwiss Food Company is a leading company in processing high quality meat and chicken.
Egyptian Castle Import and Export
Salah Salem, Heliopolis, Cairo EG
Established in 2011. Importer and exporter of high quality of food stuff. Importer of Arabella (Turkish pasta), Rodha Emirati (noodles).
El Barak 2002
Marina Club Hurghada EG
Producer and exporter of herbs, tea, oils and soap.
Producer of tea (El Arousa).
Meat and poultry process. Exporter of fruits, vegetables, P.S. day old chicks and poultry process. Importer of agriculture equipment and requirements.
Producer of dairy products. Built in 1945, production started 1948. 1998 Seclam became part of mansourgroup.
El Wafaa Farm Co.
Dokki Giza EG
Producer of various species of Muscovy duck and fish.
Emanz for starch
Sharkeya EG
Producing starch and all other starch derivatives.
Fresh Fruits
Cairo EG
Fresh Fruits is an Egyptian Company exports vegetables and fruits.
Green Land Group for Food IND
10th of Ramadan Cairo EG
Greenland Group for food Industries was founded in Egypt in 1995 and became a member of Americana Group in 2002.
Halayeb for Dairy & Juice
New Damietta Damietta EG
Halayeb Co. is a dairy products manufacturer in Egypt since 1910.
Hendawy Group
Heliopolis Cairo EG
Established in 1981, Hendawy Group works in many sectors in the Egyptian market such as vehicles and car trading.
Ismailia Food Industries Co. - Foodina
Gameyet El Salam Ismailia EG
Manufacturer and exporter of processed food.
Kamena Products Corporation
6th of October, Giza EG
Specialized in the research, creation, manufacture, development and distribution of tailor-made food flavors and colors, seasonings and fragrances.
Mass Food Company
6th of October, Giza EG
Mass Food was established in 1996 the produce breakfast cereals under the brand name Temmy's.
Seoudy Super Market
Dokki Giza EG
Producer of foodstuff, vegetables and fish.
Producer of dairy products, bakery products, processed meat products, juices, nectar and halawa products.
Production of yoghurt and buttermilk and zabado.
Three Chefs
Kaliobeya EG
3 M S Said Trade & Industry
Garden City Cairo EG
Imports and exports different foods as cheese, meat, butter, oil, luncheon, canned fruits, skimmed milk powder and steel.
A.M.S Export & Import Co.
Nasr City, Cairo EG
Trader of most of food additives for food and juice.
Industrial Factory specialized in the production and packing of dairy. Products and blends such as skim milk powder, sweet full cream fat filled.
Al Maraee Food Industries
6th of October 06. Okt EG
Processing snacks, pasta, juices, tomatoes.