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Agriculture industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the food industry in Egypt - from dairy and processed food over beverage companies, as well as the latest industry news.

Dalil Trading Group is exporter of agricultural, meet and dairy products. Wheat, wheat flour, rice, milk powder, hard cheese, butter, sausages, etc.
The Company is working in the field of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, landscape land, reclamation.
Specialized in studying Egyptian markets and Egyptian growers having vast farms all over Egypt and find foreign Traders to act for him as an agent.
Lutck UA
Sale of wheat flour
Dehydro Foods
Road El Farag Cairo EG
Exporter of dehydrated vegetables and essential oils.
We are suppliers of dried herbs and spices . We focus on satisfying our clients and their needs .
We offer what client need with affordable prices
Delta Masr Feed
Giza EG
Manufcturer of raw materials for animal feed.
We provide a complete range of laboratory analysis to meet the market requirements of the water / Food in accordance with recognized standard.
Giza EG
DMA Farms
Cairo EG
Heliopolis, Cairo EG
The Company is an import - export company working mainly in agriculture products and importing seed potatoes from Europe.
SinoDryer, Dongtai Renhui Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Experts in Drum Drying Technology

SinoDryer is a recognized leader in the drum dryer industry.
Founded in 1996, Agro Green is an Egyptian manufacturer and exporter of olives with Spanish experience technology.
Eastern palm oil
Cairo egypt EG
It is a company that deals with exporting and importing palm oil we sell wholesale and deliver nationwide our oil is healthy, safe and for consumption
EGCT for Agricultural Products
Zizinia, Alexandria EG
EGCT has become a leading fresh fruit and vegetable supplier from the greenland Egypt to world wide. Main field is citrus items.
Cairo EG
Egyptian company, with the work of the team has more than 25 years in this field of business specialized in trading fresh fruits and vegetables,
Based in Cairo, Egypt with active operations in Libya, Sudan and KSA since 1988. We help farm owners to boost efficiency and increase profitability.
We take you that we are aware of company (Egy Herbs land CO.) is specializing in the production of herbs and spices.
Egycrops Import - Export
El Manshiya Alexandria EG
Importer and exporter of herbs, seeds, pumpkin seeds, pop corn and lupines.
Egyfruit for export agricultural products is an Egyptian company for exporting Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables from Egypt.
Nasr City Cairo EG
Producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables to the European markets.
Egyherbal company is producing leader company for organic herbs
Egypt Foods Co.
Quesna EG
Egypt foods company is one of the leading companies that mafucture and produce snacks and potatoes products.