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President & CEO Shady Wageh Mohammed

Golden Horse Trading Company

I City Shah Alam

40000 malaysia


Telephone: +60192820071

Mobile: +6011 1430 1431

Golden Horse Company

Golden Horse Trading Company is Young aspiring Trading Comapny Established on 5th May 2002 it's acts as Principal in Most Trading activities.

Golden Horse Trading Company

Goldenhorse Import & Export Trading Company is a transparent trader, providing highly competitive, faster and professional services. Our company facilitates a smooth flow of goods from the producers to the customers, giving value to all in the value chain. We meet business challenges innovatively and pride in our areas on the ground thus responding proactively to our customers' problems in current volatile markets. Our passion is to team up with our customers to search for solutions which helps us all to increase the bar next time around. Combining market knowledge with financial resources, we deliver flexible options for the entire gamut.With a back-up of dedicated staff and zeal to succeed, we are a lean and hungry commodity trading enterprise. We exercises our core capabilities in the fast-moving discipline of global commodity trading, blending trading knowledge with proper logistics support without the arrogance of some of our friendly competitors. May God help us to retain our humility! You can also label us as an outsourcing company for we bear the entire responsibility of sourcing commodities for various companies. In this way, it enable our customers to concentrate on their core business, thereby creating a win-win relationship.


Golden Horse Company