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Socialist Worker Online: Egyptian strikers demand more

Workers in Egypt were on strike throughout the Ramadan festival—and many look set to continue.
31.08.11 | Interesting article at Socialist Worker Online

Textile workers at the El Nasr Clothing & Textile Co (Kabo) have been on strike since 17 August. The company has so far approved a 15 percent wage increase alongside increased allowances. It has promoted 1,500 workers and made all temporary workers permanent.

But the workers say this is not enough—they still face poor conditions and wages.

Meanwhile postal workers across Egypt have walked out to demand the same 200 percent bonus won by their colleagues employed by Telecom Egypt.

They also demand that their institution be purged of all corrupt remnants of Hosni Mubarak’s regime. This includes the dismissal of all consultants in the postal service on counts of alleged corruption.

The successes of the Egyptian revolution have given workers more confidence as they continue to fight for their rights—and for a better world.