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Egypt Today: Vodafone Egypt to pay LE 750M to Etisalat Misr

The penalty is on the interconnection prices between the two companies.
04.01.19 | Interesting article at Egypt Today

The Court of Arbitration of the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration ruled that Vodafone Egypt is required to pay LE 750 million for Etisalat Misr on the interconnection prices between the two companies.

The ruling also rejected all applications submitted by Vodafone and obliged it to pay the expenses and costs incurred by Egypt Telecom of about $440,000 before the arbitration.

Head of Etisalat's Corporate Sector Khaled Hegazy said that this ruling put an end to the 10-year dispute between the two companies as a result of Vodafone Egypt's refusal to implement the decisions of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA).

Hegazy confirmed the legal position of Etisalat Misr and the commitment of Vodafone to apply these prices both to the past and to the future.