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Mobile Phone industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the Information Technology industry in Egypt - including telco and software companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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all electronic device and accessorize and maintince of all mobile computers and software
We deal in all kind of mobile phones and electronics original
You feel free to come up with your requirements and we do assure you,you will find a very excellent service from our company with very high class.
Promotion Offer – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - $700
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB - $580
Telpal plaza turkey
Eitesal is NGO
A mobile application development company and online marketing and web design agency. is serving people since 2011;main motive is to guide people to purchase modestly priced recent mobile phones availablw in India
All product are brand new factory unlocked sealed in box comes with 1 year
we are global mobile company
A company based in Nigeria but wanted to established in Egypt
zagazig university faculty of commerce economics department
95100 Argenteuil
MOXX is one of leading internet service providers in France and Europe. MOXX provides wireless internet service to the travelers.
93300 Aubervilliers
Pieces2Mobile, fournisseur de pièces détachées pour téléphones portables et tablettes.
77520 Baytown
We have been in cell phone business for more than 7 years. Boostmobile Authorized dealer in different cities of Texas state.