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Trade companies and retailers in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of trade companies and retailers in Egypt - find traders in different sectors, as well as the latest industry news.

"Janarz International" is an Egyptian exporting company.
We promote Egyptian high quality supermarket products in the West African region
Busan EG
JNS is a company that supplies excellent products of South Korea. Do you want to trade with Korean companies? JNS is together.
Cosmetics Ginseng Skin
Cairo EG
Upholstery fabrics trading .established 2017 and finding its way in the Egyptian market easly to be one of the leading company in its field
كسر زيرو هو أول برنامج للتجارة الإلكترونية في مصر، تهتم بمشتري وبائعي السيارات (سيارات "كسر زيرو" )المستعملة. نقدمها للمشترين والبائعين والتجار وشركات
Kaza Fakra
القاهرة EG
موقع متخصص فى بيع وتقديم حلول ديكور المنازل الموقع يحتوى على احدث تابلوهات مودرن, ستيكرات الحائط ، ساعات حائط ، بين باج، مفروشات والمزيد

Kitchen Science
Cairo EG
حلول المطابخ التجارية - نظافة عامة - نظافة دقيقة - تصميم و تصنيع أجهزة المطبخ - عمل قواعد بيانات و برامج لعمليات المطبخ المحتلفة لتقليل التكاليف
we are a leading company in middle east and north africa , specialized in supplying and installing electrical equipments for industry.
Le Etoile
Giza EG
We at are an up-and-coming forum dedicated to following Replica Rolex trends and styles. We breathe, eat and sleep watches.
Link Dynamics
Cairo EG
surveillance products, UAV, command & control systems &internal & perimeter integrated security systems; &different products selling& promoting in EG.
Mall of Egypt
Cairo EG
Mall of the Egypt is the first shopping destination of its kind in Egypt, with the best local and international brands available under one roof.
Alexandria, Egypt EG
manifestDB is one of world's top trading information data provider that covers more than 70 countries exports and imports trading information database
MCI company
cairo EG
Misr for Control and Instrumentation (MCI) specializes in the provision of cost effective products and services ranging for all electronic
Our laboratory is a leading supplier of SSD solution in Asia, Europe ,Africa, America and other continents around the world. MOBILE : +918447029672
MG Group
tanta,kafrzayat EG
led screen single color and full color
We are exporters of Egyptian cotton products (textiles)
MGM-for trading
MGM Corporation's mission is to serve Our customer base providing innovative international Engineering, trading and Ind. Spares, in All fields
Misr Trade
Alexandria EG
Misr Trade Serving Petro-Chemicals Industries & Water Projects by supplying different items such as, pipes, fittings, valves...etc,
Cairo EG
Mobica for Interior and Exterior Carpentry .
Mohamed Nour Optics
Alexandria EG
Mohamed Nour was first established in 1959 , with the opening of it is first store Alexandria.
In 1962 we opened our first store & lab in Sudan
mohamed shaban
mansoura EG
Trade and import of auto parts and supplies automotive parts and accessories Electricity
Moreshine Gemstone Ltd
Tanzania Dar es salaam EG
Moreshine Gemstone Ltd is a supplier of Rubies, Sapphires, Emerald, Tanzanites, Tsavorites, Spinel and other gems to the international market
Mr. Bakh Group
Alharam, Giza EG
extensive International business senior management, physical trading, and consultancy to develop your business Internationally.
الجيزة EG
m.s for Security Systems
افضل واحدث الحلول لانظمة المراقبة والانذار
كاميرات مراقبة – انذار ضد السرقة -انتركم (صوتي/ مرئي)- بوابات امنية
We work as importer, distributer and sole agent for world-wide suppliers who produce the most innovative agricultural and food processing machinery