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Education and Training industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the service industry in Egypt - find banks, financial institutions, consultancy firms, as well as the latest industry news.

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Air Phoenix Media & Education Academy was established in London, UK in collaboration with the American Air Academy in Florida
British University in Egypt
11837 ElSherouk City
Lean Six Sigma Deployment
Implementing Lean Tools
Management Systems
Performance improvement in hospitals
Cairo University is one of the most influential universities in the Middle East.
CAME Center is the International house of expertise in all areas of Management , financial, marketing, technology and engineering
The Canadian Preschool and Nursery Academy is owned by a Canadian educated native speaker and a graduate of an accredited Art Education program.
Program Courses Human Resources Training Consult Service Abroad Studying Certificate Careers Development Organization help Recruitment Management
Career Development Organization (CDO) is considered, one of the main players in the human resources; offering a broad range of services.
Center Friends
دار السلام القاهرة
نوفر قاعات مجهزة للمدرسين على أعلى مستوى
كورسات كمبيوتر ولغات
تحفيظ قرآن
أبحاث علمية
طباعة وتصوير
A cultural centre dedicated to dance & performing arts, Centre Rézodanse – Egypte offers various activities
Change Business Training
Change Business Solution is a British/Egyptian company specializing in language training, I.T and Business Administration training and workshops
Buy, rent and sell books and textbooks, you find great prices.
CTC Academy
CTC Academy Training centers based in Egypt are independent private training centers.
Dar Al Kitab Al Masri
Down Town Cairo
One of the biggest publishers in the Arab and Islamic world. Till 2005, Dar Al Kitab Al Masri published 5000 titles and 48 encyclopedias.
Printing of books and magazines. Trader and exporter of books.
EAAC Training
EAAC Group for Training&Consultancy was found in February 1996. It's one of the leading training companies in Egypt