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Education and Training industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of the service industry in Egypt - find banks, financial institutions, consultancy firms, as well as the latest industry news.

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Modeling and Finishing Institute . Coaching all ages. ..
Dance Academy
- Organization Reform
- Corp. Governance
Training and Human Resources Development:
- Leadership
- Management
- Professionals
21532 Alexandria
شركة هويتى للانتاج والتدريب تقوم بعقد دورات تدرييبة وورش عمل متخصصة فى مجالات الحرف والفنون والاعمال اليدوية بالاسكندرية
دورة كروشيه
دورة تريكو
اكاديمية تعمل في مجال التعليم العالى تحت اشراف وزارة التعليم العالي لتخريج دفعات من الطلاب في مجال الاعلام
IMMC is a DIgital Marketing Institute in Kolkata
Integrated Business Solution

Call center integarted with call center
CRM for Real estate and CRM for Tourism GSM System in call center
تهدف اكاديمية كارما لتقديم التوعيه الكامله في علوم الطاقة الحيويه والتنمية البشرية من خلال المواد التي تقوم بتدريسها على أيدي نخبة متخصصين
12411 Cairo
We at Kovay are a group of dedicated knowledge seekers and providers with a single mission: Building Brains for Sustainable Success.
Promoting Luxor. Education . Connections between Scandinavian Culture and Egyptian History and Culture. Children
Malvern College Egypt
11931 Cairo
Malvern College Egypt "Independent-, International-, co-educational-, British curriculum school for children aged 3 - 18"
Markedu is an international training institute offering training and courses related to marketing, management and sales.
NADIA Training Institute
4971 Abu Dhabi
NADIA Training Institute - the pioneers in corporate training and career development in the UAE,
We are a well established Foundation in Egypt providing all kinds of Education programs in nanotechnology, biotechnology and advanced life sciences
The Center conducts socio-economic research to analyse social change and to provide solutions that assess decision making process.
Northwest Career College
89128 Las Vegas
Join Northwest college in Las Vegas and enroll for the flexible massage therapy classes.
The Middle East Info Security Summit, the premier event for info security, risk and IT professionals, will be held on 12–13 October 2015 Cairo, Egypt.
Projacs Academy
None Cairo
Projacs Academy, founded in 1984 having offices across 20 countries , we are the pioneer in Construction Management training in the MENA region
Red Rock International Ltd
New Cairo -Cairo
Global provider of leadership & management training, team building and personal effectiveness training. Developing people in Egypt since 2006.
Sabra Group
The Sabra Legal Training Institute (SLT) is an educational institute specialized in legal training which is established organized in Dubai No 668122
technical training and professional development services for the oil and Gas industry.
St. Mark Community
11511 Cairo
consulting in psychology and religion
PO1 3EZ Portsmouth
TCL Global is a dynamic and passionate, UK based, Education Consultancy Company.
Provider of blended learning interventions in the area of change, be it personal or organizational