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Textile industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of industries in Egypt - including oil & gas, paper and packaging companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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Producer of ready-made garments.
Importer of textile machines, spinning machines, textile finishing machines from Germany, textile electronic equipment from Switzerland.
Sheshtawy Mode
Downtown Cairo
Producer and exporter of shoes and handbags. Importer of raw materials and accessories for shoes and handbags.
jeans,Men Jeans,jeans for women,textile,kids fashion
Azhar Dyeing Finishing
El Azhar Cairo
The Company is working in the field of textiles.
Manufacturer and exporter of textile and garments.
Leather Goods Manufacturer, fine leather handbags, wallets, small leather goods.
El Sayyad Co.
El Dakahleya
We are a company specialized in the production of rounded knitted fabrics for all knitting machines (open & rounded).
The company imports leather products, ladies’ and men's wear and it represents many Italian brands.
30 years of producing embroidered & printed linens, beach towels & robes, bathrobes, supplying hotel woolens & exporting to all countries
Monarch (UK) circular knitting machines agent. Agent for major European companies in the field of textile machines, dyeing & preparation.
Balqiny Tex
El Gharbeya
Producing bath towels, kitchen towels, export bed covers.
Banoub For Textiles
El Gharbeya
Founded in 1972. High quality Egyptian cotton woven textiles. Towels, beach towels & bathrobes in various models & in all sizes.
Egy Cotton Factory
El Gharbeya
Manufacturing all types of knitting textile. Suppliers of clothes export factories in Egypt. ISO 9001 certified. Textile QC department.
Elabd company has been established as on1966 by Mr-mohamed elabd the grandfather of the family
A leading textile factory in Egypt, specialized in producing the best textiles (towels, bathrobes, beach & kitchen towels).
Fouly Tex
El Gharbeya
Producing the finest kitchen towels El doper – Jacquard). 100% Egyptian cotton. Producing all types of high quality cloth.
Producing the finest Egyptian cotton textiles (towels, beach towels, kitchen towels, bath towels, bath mats).
Naggar Textile
El Gharbeya
Over 40 years of experience. High quality fabrics in all sizes including towel, beach towels, bathrobes &kitchen towels.
Manufacturing the finest textiles: Towels, bathrobes, beach robes, bath towels, kitchen towels. Over 40 years of experience.
Red Rock
El Gharbeya
Specialized in producing sportswear, women’s wear (100% cotton), circular tricot fabrics, polo t-shirts, t-shirts & the best cotton yarn.
Garment andTerry Towel Industrial Co.
El Gharbia Mehalla El Kobra
Manufacturer and exporter of clothes.
El Harrania Factory
El Harraneia Giza
Producer of kleam, goblian, wool and silk.